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Gutta Metal focuses on crusher wear-resistant hammer production

Release time:2018-12-14

The crusher has developed to this stage, and various models and models have appeared on the market.
According to the condition of the broken material, the crusher with different structural forms and types can be selected. Correspondingly, there are many options for the crusher hammer.
The hammer of the crusher needs to withstand impact and cutting from the material during work, so it needs to have a certain degree of toughness and hardness. In the selection of the material of the hammer head, it is necessary to fully understand the wear mechanism of the hammer head and the working conditions. The higher the hardness of the material, the higher the hardness requirement of the material of the hammer; the larger the material block, the higher the toughness requirement, and the greater the impact load on the hammer. For this reason, the material should be considered first when ensuring the material. The hardness of the hammer is improved under the premise of toughness.
Commonly used crusher wear hammer has high chromium alloy hammer head, high manganese steel hammer head and bimetal composite hammer head. For different material crushing, suitable wear hammer material should be used, which is not blindly selected.
High manganese steel hammer
The high manganese steel hammer has good toughness, good manufacturability and low price. Its main feature is that under the action of large impact or contact stress, the surface layer will rapidly produce work hardening, and its work hardening index is 5-7 higher than other materials. The wear resistance is greatly improved. However, the high-manganese steel hammer has high requirements on the overall performance of the crusher. If the physical impact force is insufficient or the contact stress is small in actual work, the surface cannot be quickly produced and hardened, so that the wear resistance should not be exerted. Therefore, it should be selected according to the actual parameters of the equipment before use, and the equipment can be modified if necessary to maximize economic benefits.
Bimetal composite
The bimetal composite material has excellent comprehensive performance, and is made of high-toughness alloy steel and high-chromium cast iron in a liquid-liquid state, and the degree of bonding is high. Not only has enough toughness, but also high hardness. The wear-resistant parts made of bimetallic wear-resistant materials have good wear resistance, save a lot of time for replacing parts, improve production efficiency, increase efficiency for customers, and effectively reduce resource waste.
Guda Metal focuses on hammerhead for 26 years. The crusher accessories are experienced, which can help you choose a more wear-resistant crusher hammer head. It is customized for different materials and machine conditions, and is the most suitable crusher wear hammer for you!

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