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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Service Life of Crusher Hammer

Release time:2018-12-14

Hammer crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment widely used in mining, chemical, metallurgy, building materials, electric power and other industries. Among them, the hammer head is the main wearable part, and its quality directly affects the crushing efficiency of the crusher. Therefore, increasing the life of the hammerhead has become an urgent problem to be solved.
During the work, the hammer head is also impacted by the material in addition to the impact, so that the long-term repeated use, the working surface of the hammer head will be destroyed, and the surface shape will change.
Luoyang Zhili New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wear-resistant spare parts company. It has been engaged in research for 26 years and has rich experience. The following is a new material engineer to introduce the influencing factors of the life of the crusher hammer:
1. Structural design and product quality of the hammerhead: The structural design and geometry of the hammerhead have a great influence on the mechanical properties after heat treatment and the internal metallographic structure. In particular, the hammer head with a large thickness has a more prominent influence. By analyzing the fracture failure modes of hammers of different materials, it is known that the main cause of the hammer fracture is that there are different degrees of defects inside or on the surface. Due to the presence of defects, most of the hammers are broken at the beginning of use. Therefore, in the production of hammers, reasonable casting and heat treatment processes must be established.
2, the technical parameters of the hammer crusher: the technical parameters of the hammer crusher will also affect the service life of the hammer, the main one is the power and speed of the rotor. They are not only related to the production capacity of the crusher, but also to the degree of impact hardening of the hammer. The hammerhead has a good degree of impact hardening and its service life is extended.
3. Blockiness and hardness of the crushed material: The larger the material block, the higher the toughness requirement, and the higher the material hardness, the higher the hardness requirement of the hammer material. The specific type of crusher should adopt the appropriate feed size, which will extend the service life of the hammer to a certain extent.
4. Adjustment of the internal clearance of the hammer crusher: The internal clearance of the hammer crusher mainly refers to the gap between the rotor body and the counterattack plate, the purlin and the hammer. The size of these gaps will be related to whether there is any accumulation near the purlins and the safety gates. If the stock is present and the hammer cannot press the stack off the string, the hammer will be subject to severe friction and wear. Therefore, during use, the gaps between the parts must be adjusted frequently to be within the proper range.
In view of the factors affecting the life of the crusher, the fixed metal summarizes the following effective ways to extend the service life of the hammer.
1. Strictly control material particle size and feed amount
According to the different design models of the crusher, the feed size and material amount are properly controlled. It is strictly forbidden to enter the machine beyond the design maximum size, and the crusher is strictly controlled to work within the designed limit parameters.
2, the crusher feed is evenly distributed
Use suitable feeding equipment, such as plate feeder, vibrating feeder, flat belt, etc. to ensure uniform and stable feeding, avoiding impact on equipment and ineffective operation due to uneven feeding.
3. Strictly control the quality of the hammer
Due to the error in the quality of the hammer casting, the hammers with casting defects such as trachoma and air holes should be avoided as much as possible. During the use of the hammer, the hammer should be reversed and turned according to the current, so that the hammer is evenly worn and The rotor is running balanced.
4. Reasonably control the crushing gap and make timely adjustments
In the process of use, the gap between the hammer head and the stringer will gradually change with the wear of the hammer head. To ensure the crushing efficiency, the gap must be adjusted in time. At the same time, the gap adjustment is too small, which will cause the accelerated wear of the hammer. According to the experience gap, it should be controlled between 20-30mm.
5, surfacing wear layer
For the end face parts of the side hammer and the hammer head which are more severely worn, the service life of the hammer head can be appropriately extended by performing the welding of the wear-resistant welding rod and the like.

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